Tuesday, August 31

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Saturday, March 7

Snow in Duvall March 2009
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It's been a crazy winter in the Pacific Northwest. And it just started snowing again.
Right now, it's snowing pretty hard at 475 feet elevation in Duvall, WA.

Monday, February 2

Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant, Duvall, Washington, USA

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Ixtapa is the only Mexican place in Duvall, WA. But it’s good, as “Americanized” Mexican places go. But, surprisingly, my favorite is the hamburger with a big Santa Fe chili in it.

Friday, December 26

We are snowbound in Duvall, WA for yet another day. Have only been able to make it to the store a couple times in the last week or so.

Sunday, August 10


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Taken when I was last in SoCal.

Sunday, August 3

Microsoft study supports "six degrees/small world" theory. Kevin Bacon hasn't yet commented. http://ping.fm/guq92

Friday, August 1

Eleven tips for using video in your article

Blogger Andy Dickinson gives a few tips on how to get a video right on a newspaper website. After studying The Times, The Telegraph, FT and the Guardian's websites, here are his tips...

Eleven tips for using video in your article - editorsweblog

Monday, July 28

Let's Step Outside: The evolution of the fight scene, from the Duke to the Dark Knight.
By Dennis Lim
At one point in Michael Ondaatje's book of interviews with Walter Murch, the venerable film editor reflects on how effective cutting keeps audiences grounded as one shot, often imperceptibly, becomes another. The trick is to determine where the viewer's attention is trained in a particular shot and to cut to a shot that contains a focal point in the same area of the frame. But there is at least one major exception to this rule: the fight scene. "You actually want an element of disorientation—that's what makes it exciting," Murch says of his approach to splicing together a fight. "So you put the focus of interest somewhere else, jarringly, and you cut at unexpected moments. You make a tossed salad of it, you abuse the audience's attention."

Wednesday, July 23

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